These prices are an average. Schedule a meeting with me to discuss what your company / business needs. After our discussion I will send you a proposal. From there we will try to find an agreement that works for both parties. 

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Social Media Photos


Are you looking for someone to help you with Social Media Images? Look no further. I specialize in taking photos and creating videos for your social media account. I know how hard it can be for people to create quality content these days, especially while running your small business.

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Website / Brand Photos


This package is a one time shoot or maybe seasonally shot to give you photos for each season of the year. I currently do this for a few clients and they really enjoy having photos to show the people behind the brand during each season. You can also get photos for your website. The period of time for this photoshoot is  2.5 hrs.

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Are you a Midwest Model? Are you looking for a photographer that will understand you and depict YOU? 

This package is for you. 1 hr of styled shoots. Let’s get to work and create something that is YOU.

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Concept Photography

Bring me on to help with a concept.

I specifically am here to create art that is spiritual / healing. I can create a narrative for a campaign of yours. I can create pieces for a gallery or magazine. Maybe you need strong content for a launch. Maybe you want help promoting a message of your organization. 

This offer can be anything from a consultation to a long term collaboration. Reach out and we can talk about scheduling a time to talk, pricing, or any people or resources I know of that could be beneficial to you. 

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Bring me on your podcast

I don’t charge for my appearance on a podcast, but it is a service I offer. If you want to talk art and photography or coaching, spirituality, and healing, I’m the right person to talk to. Most of the art I create is associated with spirituality and healing. 

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Need a Guest Writer? 


I write regularly.

Topics / Methods


Mystical Experiences



The Nature of Reality

Mental Health


Bipolar Disorder


Art as Healing

Modalities for Healing

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$200-$300/mo (less if paid annually)

I am a coach for those who are looking to dive deep into healing and/or spirituality. If you’re looking for more information on this CLICK HERE.

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